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About Cozyosko

Originally labelled as Bourgies, the COZYOSKO range of eye-catching baby, toddler and stroller accessories began in 1999 when I was expecting twins. I had searched everywhere for colourful, stylish blankets I could use in the pram for each baby but couldn’t find anything bright - or machine washable; with twins, hand washing was going to be a thing of the past!

Although very pretty, the pastel coloured, woollen baby blankets in all the shops were just not a reflection of my love for colour and vitality or practical for my active lifestyle.

I decided to try and make the blankets I had in mind myself and chose the polar fleece fabric for its brighter colours and easy care. At the time, polar fleece was a relatively new fabric mainly used for hiking gear and jumpers and was not yet being used for blankets or baby gear. So, having never sewn before, my mother gave me her 21-year-old Bernina sewing machine and the first two Blankies were created!

Once our girls were born and I was out on the street with them snuggled up in their blankies, the response I received from other mothers and passers-by was incredible. I couldn’t go anywhere without being stopped and asked where I had got the blankets, and where people could buy them. I quickly realised that I wasn’t the only mother who wanted funky, bright accessories for their children, so I approached the renowned Paddington Arts and Craft Market in Sydney for a stall.

Bourgies soon had a loyal following of return customers and new clientele through ‘word of mouth’ referrals and a successful small business was established. Shop owners began asking if I could supply their stores and in 2000 my husband was recruited to work full time with me.

As the girls grew, so did the Bourgies range; with new and practical products being developed. We now have a large range of fun and multi-functional products and are innovators in the field of baby, toddler and pram travel accessories.

We continue to produce a range in Australia for our local markets, however to meet retail demand, we began manufacturing our wholesale range off-shore in 2003. No matter where they are produced, all of our products are made to the exacting high quality and standards that we and our customers expect.

In late 2006 we changed our name from Bourgies to COZYOSKO; a word-play on Australia’s highest mountain peak – Mt. Kosciuszko. As well as being rich in Australian aboriginal and colonial history, the name conjures up images of rugged and wild, wintry terrain – uniquely Australian, this is the perfect setting to be seen wearing the COZYOSKO range.

With distributors in Japan, the United Kingdom and Europe - and happy customers all over the world - we believe this is only the beginning!

Sally Bourguignon

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Comfy Seat Pram Liner
Cosey toes footmuff
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Pram Bag Reversible cosey toes footmuff